Anonymous: so is this just a toxic vision rip off or what? hahaha you even painted grease on your chest to copy sharon. damn.

LOL Just because I have a good music taste, doesn’t mean I copy her. I haven’t seen her do anything horrorish. I love her stuff, but I’ve seen plenty of cheap exact imitations of her designs, who can’t even be bothered to put in a zipper or use an overlock for knit fabric. And its paint, if you can’t say anything nice then why bother because it’s not going stop me from getting inspired, and creating cool band merch of bands I ACTUALLY enjoy, for other badass ghouls. I’m sorry your just negative. If you don’t like the designs then you don’t have to buy from RottenDolls.

Exclusives, from RottenDolls,
New possible icon. New corset I’m almost done with.
Freshly painted creepers: $45
Psychobilly Handmade Patch Lot (9): $17.00
New material for vests;)
RottenDoll: Bonesnatcher.